Get ready for  a life changing journey that will take you far beyond fad diets, calorie restriction, and into a realm of energy, vitality, and pleasure!

Even as I challenge you to transform your eating habits and EAT REAL FOOD, you will see that this does not translate to a life of restrictive eating and missing out on life. Learn how to make simple and long-lasting dietary and lifestyle choices that will propel you toward optimal wellness.

Suddenly you will find yourself experiencing more energy, focus, and immunity, better moods, less anxiety and stress, and the understanding that you truly are what you eat!

Individual consultations* and programs include:

  • Get real diet Assessment
  • Myth busting
  • Simple and tasty recipes
  • Tips for dining out and finding healthy lunches
  • Educational handouts
  • Supplement protocol
  • Lab tests for hormonal issues

Other services:

Pantry Makeover* Eating a real foods diet starts with have the right ingredients on hand. Together, we will go over what’s working and what’s not. From there we will create a shopping list and propel your pantry to a level of optimally health.

Shopping Tour*  Choose your favorite local market, and  we will walk the aisles together. In the process, you will learn how to decode labels, shop within your budget, and choose a variety of nourishing foods that will support your body’s needs.