Shoshanna Levy, CNC is a passionate certified holistic nutritionist who is on a mission to educate and inspire everyone to eat real food. Shoshanna studied at Bauman College where she received an impressive education about clinical nutrition, food politics, sustainability, and the knowledge that we are truly what we eat. Shoshanna has been a guest speaker at food conferences, radio shows, rallies, and has led many workshops and classes in new York and San Francisco. She also studied with prestigious functional medicine doctors and is a certified gluten coach on

Shoshanna will take you on a journey beyond gluten free, beyond fad diets and quick fixes and into a realm of optimal energy, vitality and wellness. Through her classes, workshops, blog, and skype sessions, Shoshanna shares her knowledge about the benefits of a  SOUL (seasonal, organic, unrefined, local) food diet and offers motivation and inspiration so that you can feel better than you have in years.

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